We often experience pain in our hands, thumb, and finger. But, we need to understand when to contact a doctor for stiffness and pain in these parts. If required, you can get Prolotherapy treatment for your hand, thumb, and finger pain.

How Prolotherapy treatment is effective?

Prolotherapy can stimulate the mechanism of natural healing in your body by introducing an irritant to that affected area. It causes an inflammatory response that promotes the growth of new connective tissue and the stabilization of joints. By using your platelet-rich plasma at the time of Prolotherapy, it can promote the process of healing.

It also helps to relieve finger, thumb, and hand pain in a more effective way. That is why ninety-eight percent of patients found relief with the help of Prolotherapy treatment.

Importance of Prolotherapy treatment for hand, thumb, finger stiffness and pain

Prolotherapy is the treatment that helps in repairing the ligaments at the place where they attach themselves to the bones. They initiate ligament growth for the purpose of stabilizing the joints. Once the ligaments regain their usual strength, the pain gets eliminated. Through this, it resolves the problem of stiffness and pain in your hand, thumb and finger.

So, it is best to not delay and get treatment when you are experiencing hand pain and stiffness continually. After the initial treatment, you may notice certain swelling. After a few days, it will go away on its own. And once a few sessions get completed, you will notice complete relief from your hand, thumb and finger pain.


If you need treatment for your hand, thumb, finger pain, and stiffness, you can take the help of Prolotherapy. For those who are worried of hand pain, you can reach out to the Prolotherapy Clinic of Dr.Vikram Rajguru at Hadapsar, Pimple Saudagar in Pune.