It’s a common injury – getting a sprained ankle. An unfortunate fall, sudden twist, or blow to the ankle often causes sprains leading to chronic ankle pain among many sufferers.

A recent study found that almost 40 percent of those who suffer an ankle sprain experience chronic ankle pain, even after being treated for their initial injury.

In some cases, the condition is untreated or overlooked which prolongs the pain and the problem. Many people misjudge the severity and end up not getting the proper treatment. When patients injure their ankles, the injury may not seem serious at first. People may not seek medical attention and they can think it will just get better on its own. I think that is why this condition often goes worsened.

What happens if you ignore a Sprained Ankle?

  • A sprained ankle can turn into serious chronic instability if left untreated.
  • Your range of motion can suffer tremendously, resulting in difficulty walking in the long term.
  • You may also end up with chronic inflammation as your body continuously attempts to heal an injury that was never properly treated. Additionally, you may experience low-grade chronic pain.

How to keep your Sprained Ankle from becoming worse?

While the traditional RICE (Rest, Immobilisation, Compression, Elevation) therapy hinders/delays detrimental to healing, we propose a new PRICE Protocol that is appropriate( in terms of utilizing the body’s natural healing) and strongly supported by many clinical studies.

  • Price includes
  • Painkillers other than NSAIDs to ease pain
  • Range of motion to increase joint nutrition.
  • Icing to be avoided
  • Circulation to be maintained
  • Exercise

The new way of thinking backed with science shows that Inflammation is not the enemy. Inflammation (pain, swelling) is a body’s reaction toward the healing of injured tissue. Inflammation is necessary because it plays an important role in healing.

Read our previous blog (Traditional RICE Vs New PRICE Therapy) if You wonder why you still have pain in an injured area or why that area remains weak, even after a healing period of weeks, months, or years.

We, at the Prolotherapy clinic, well understand that for Professional athletes, even minor injuries can cause downtime from practice and missed games, and even end careers. For many athletes, whenever possible, surgery is not an option as it will require significant downtime and rest.

Prolotherapy promotes genuine, natural body healing and uses no artificial substances, no medications, and nothing that can cause adverse future side effects. These injections are a great way to start healing sports injuries whether they are new or old.

If you have ankle pain and it is not getting better, do not ignore it. Get it evaluated by a physician who has experience treating foot and ankle injuries.

Dr. Vikram Rajguru is one of India’s first Interventional Regenerative Orthopedic and OrthoBiologic surgeons. He is one of a small bunch of specialists in the nation that is both an Orthopedic Surgeon and a master in the field of Interventional Regenerative Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. This gives Dr. Vikram Rajguru an expansive subject matter and ability that benefits his patients generally. Through his aptitude, he has assisted numerous patients with returning to a dynamic way of life by giving agony resolution and recapturing lost portability through noncareful just as careful treatment. He accepts to consistently give guidance that is equivalent to that which he would suggest for ourselves or our own family.