Knee osteoarthritis is a type of degenerative condition that involves progressive degradation of cartilage, bone remodeling, and subchondral damage. To witness functional and symptomatic improvements, injection treatments have increased attention for intra-articular delivery with fewer side effects in comparison to systemic therapy.

Review of Current Injectable Therapies:

As the interest in subchondral bone pathology is increasing, their injections depict positive outcomes that delay the replacement of a joint. Due to the heterogeneity and recent development of injected products such as calcium phosphate and other biological agents, this approach lacks strong evidence.

In the injection PRP, it is the autologous mixture of some highly concentrated platelets and some bioactive components and growth factors by the whole blood’s centrifugal separation. It is currently in use for sports medicine and orthopedic practice to treat ligament, tendon, and bone injuries.

PRP can also affect angiogenic processes, inflammation, catabolism, and anabolism balance in the formation of cartilage and alters the microenvironment during the progression of the disease.

Together, the PRP can help manage knee osteoarthritis as a primary analgesic agent. This is because of tenocyte proliferation, a decrease in the levels of pain postoperatively.

The hyaluronic acid injection will ease your stiffness and pain. Shots of these injections will lubricate the joints so that they act smoothly. The effectiveness of the shots demonstrates mixed results.

The normal synovial fluid is a substance present in the soft tissues of your body. It lubricates your joints in a way so that makes up for your lost synovial fluid supply.

During the procedure, the doctor will directly inject hyaluronic acid into the knee joint. Most people get shots for three to five weeks. FDA approved this treatment for knee osteoarthritis and some get them in the joints.


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