ProLo-TOP™ (patent applied) cream is a Breakthrough, Make in INDIA Innovation, developed to target a disease process that is largely overlooked and is the probably the most common source of chronic pain. It is a blend of unique, all natural ingredients intended to provide a clinically meaningful long term pain relief and sometimes permanent in few cases.

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Isn’t that Amazing!! The natural ingredients in ProLo-TOP™ appear to work synergistically utilizing unique physiological mechanism to restore the cellular energy dysfunction including nerves.

Prolo-TOP™ is not another pain cream which works on counter irritant analgesia. Unlike other pain creams, it doesn’t distract or mask your pain. ProLo-TOP™ has come with a unique, novel approach to deliver benefits of both Prolotherapy and SN-MERIT™ in a topical formulation. It is one of a kind pain relief cream which works uniquely!! Differently!! Effectively!! That’s why ProLo-TOP™ stands on the TOP as a cutting-edge unique topical therapeutic formulation.

We aren’t done yet. The uniqueness continues in the method of application over treatment areas. Visit to PTC to help you in guiding the application of ProLo-TOP™‘s unique formulae to maximize the results.

Where the inactive ingredients plays the Active role. This seems to be weird. But this is true. In view of delivering the benefits of both Prolotherapy and SN-MERIT™, The PTC™ developed a Novel combination of Natural Unique Ingredients which is not harmful (studies done – ) and effective for treatment of chronic pain. But you have a problem. You have tested the product for all the necessary tests showing that it is not harmful. But it is untested for formally proving to be effective for chronic pain. Clinical trials are time consuming and huge expensive. We couldn’t raise the money to do it. But we are intended to start trials to formally prove the cream works well. Until then, patients are on their own to decide whether ProLo-TOP™ is right for them. We just eventually decided that it was better to get this out there. We didn’t need to do a clinical trial in order to provide the cream, as long as we didn’t make any specific claims that our Unique Formulation would ease pain. There is no need to wait. Maximum number of patients can be benefited.

We know how disruptive pain can be to your life. Are you bothered by the fact that there’s no clinical trial data showing the cream works!! If somebody wanted to try it, then I would certainly see no reason not to. And there is certainly some scientific reason to think that it might help.
The only thing you have to lose is the pain!!

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