Prolotherapy is an injection that is used for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain. There was a study on its effectiveness on different patients. We will discuss the treatment in more detail below.

Prolotherapy for chronic musculoskeletal pain

As per data from thirty-four cases, Prolotherapy was beneficial for many patients. The reports stated that people who were suffering from osteoarthritis had a remarkable change. They were able to move more effortlessly and there was a lot less pain. In relation to Prolotherapy with other injuries of soft tissues, positive results were a bit limited.

It consists of an injection into spaces around the joints and in tender ligaments. Disability and chronic musculoskeletal pain are a result of the degeneration of these areas. Prolotherapy reaches out to the tissues that cause pain and helps to modulate the pain.

This treatment also benefits people who did not get any relief from conservative treatments like physical therapy and exercise. From the 1930s, onwards it established itself as an alternative in the world of mainstream medicine. In addition, it acts as a nonsurgical treatment.


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