PRP Prolotherapy

PRP Prolotherapy is sometimes also called simply as PRP shots. PRP stands for Platelets Rich Plasma. PRP is an OrthoBiologics solution used as a prolife rant in Regenerative Injection Therapy (Prolotherapy). It has recently gained substantial popularity in the media as of late, thanks to high profile athletes like late Kobe Bryant, Hines Ward, Tiger Woods, and many other professional athletes

Platelets Rich Plasma (PRP) Prolotherapy Center in Hadapsar, Pune

And many other professional athletes who have recently received non-surgical or post-surgical treatment for their sports injuries with PRP injections. It offers exciting new possibilities to promote and accelerate healing in both acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries and arthritis.

A simple blood draw procedure is performed as done for any routine blood check-up. Then spin the blood in a centrifuge to isolate the platelets and plasma proteins for your injections. Platelets are known for their ability to stop bleeding and wound healing. Platelets contain over 1500 growth and healing factors and plasma contains anti-inflammatory proteins that are documented to promote and accelerate healing and repair of tissue.

Typically 3-4 injections are required. Depending on the region and extent of injury, you may require multiple treatments, along with personalized physical therapy. After your injections, for the first two days, it’s normal to experience some swelling and discomfort at the injection site, which should resolve on its own. In the meantime, we will provide you with instructions on safe ways to manage the discomfort.

Depending on the injection site, extent of injury and the overall health of the individual it may take several weeks (~8weeks) for optimal results as the body’s healing process continues to improve for several months after your final treatment.

PRP Prolotherapy is a revolutionary breakthrough in the treatment of difficult orthopedic conditions. We think you will be pleasantly surprised to experience this therapy and the amazing results it offers.

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