This is a Novel Regenerative Injection Therapy which has unique ability to address the root causes of disease. One of the most powerful aspects of SN-MERIT™ is its Safe, Simple and highly Effective Without side effects. This usually results in Significant, Effective, Progressive improvement of Pain, Function and reduction of stiffness if given in series.

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It is not widely known today but there is a disease process that is largely overlooked and is the probably the most common source of chronic pain. I strongly believe that the radiographic results should never be given to the patient as a diagnosis. I see patients on a daily basis who have had the origin of their symptoms misdiagnosed. In a quest to fairly treat a complex chronic diseases including arthritis, we have developed a Novel system called the SN-MERIT ™. It stands for Sensori-Neuro-Modulatory Equilibrium Regenerative Integrated Therapy. It is a natural therapy which involves tiny injections of complex remedies into specific points or zones on the body that stimulates the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Injections contains combination of essential components (Biological Multi Extract combinations + Neurotonics + Minerals+ Buffers+ other compounds) which are crucial for body’s natural regeneration process. The exact formula will differ depending on the person being treated. This allows for an individual treatment program that is tailored towards the patient which allows for the best outcome. It’s been thought that this system works by multi- targeted Sensori-Neuro-Modulation with Rejuvenation of cellular energy dysfunction. These injections adds an extra dimension to the response called “Turbo Effects,” which not only stimulate local and direct effects but also a remote response.

How Safe and Effective is SN-MERIT™ as compared to conventional treatments?

In conventional medicine pain killers, steroids are given to suppress your symptoms (pain). So as soon as you stop taking these pharmaceuticals the symptoms return. In fact these pharmaceuticals hinders the normal tissue repair process and are associated with gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, kidney complications. SN-MERIT™ isn’t designed to ‘Take Away’ or ‘Block’ the pain as with pharmaceuticals. It involves the series of tiny injections of small doses of complex remedies whose purpose is to stimulate the body’s innate healing process.

What conditions are typically treated with it?

SN-MERIT ™ is a Safe, Effective, Novel and Evolving treatment for painful conditions due to Sport(both acute and chronic) and Occupation or other chronic musculoskeletal Pain related issues, including Arthritis. The Amazing thing about this therapy is that there will be pain relief immediately after the first procedure, which may last for few hours to days. This immediate Positive diagnostic feedback indicates that this therapy will work as planned. Repeated treatments (usually 4-6sessions) usually done weekly, result in gradual reduction of the overall pain and Functional Improvement. Success rates vary between 80-100% depending on the severity and chronicity of the problem. For most conditions recurrence is unlikely unless re-injury occurs. Post procedure there will be No activity restriction and patient will be free to resume daily routine activities. The procedure is Simple, Safe and Extremely well tolerated. [One can expect local transient bruising (a “black-and blue” mark) at injection sites.] My personal experience with SN-MERIT ™ is that pain is relieved Dramatically at each treatment and it is Gratifying to see someone get off the table feeling so much better. If you are Wondering if this treatment will work for you, consult us at our Prolotherapy Clinic.

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