Huge numbers of people complain of having severe shoulder blade pain worldwide. The prime cause of blade pain is overuse of the shoulder. Other reasons are rotator cuff tendonitis or the presence of a pinched nerve. People suffering from this severe pain should visit professionals for a shoulder pain doctor for the best result.

Causes of Shoulder Blade Pain

Individuals suffering from this should hardly be aware of the possible causes. This pain mainly occurs at under, back, or near the triangular shoulder bone. The possible causes of this pain are mentioned below.

  • Wrong posture

One of the prime causes of shoulder blade pain is poor posture. Many have to work sitting in front of a desk for a long time, and people hardly sit with the right posture throughout the day. Normally, prolonged sitting can cause pain in the spine, and eventually, that spreads to the shoulder.

  • Improper lifting process

Sometimes, people lift the weight above their heads in the wrong process. If people lift heavy objects over the head and the spine gets misaligned, they can face shoulder pain. If you lift the weight above your head, it can cause undue pressure on the shoulder. Hence, all must consult with professionals regarding shoulder pain.

  • Excess use of shoulder

Individuals can face severe shoulder blade pain due to excess use of shoulder muscle. If you are engaged in work like painting a ceiling, moving heavy furniture, etc. Overuse of shoulder muscles can cause severe pain, and it can cause several health issues.

  • Rib dislocation

People often suffer from shoulder pain due to the dislocation of the rib. People may notice popped rib near the shoulder blade. If any person suffers from this problem can face breathing issues.

  • Heart ailment

Individuals who suffer from heart ailments can suffer from this pain. If any person suffers from aortic dissection can be life-threatening to the person.

  • Compression breakage

People can face shoulder blade pain due to compression fractures. This can occur in the thoracic and lumbar sections.

The above are some probable causes of shoulder pain, and patients can consult with Dr. Vikram Rajguru, of Prolotherapy Clinic, one of the popular shoulder specialists in Pune.


Dr. Vikram Rajguru is one of India’s first Interventional Regenerative Orthopedic and OrthoBiologic surgeons. He is one of a handful of surgeons in the Nation that is both an Orthopedic Surgeon and an expert in the field of Interventional Regenerative Orthopedics and Sports Medicine.

The Prolotherapy Clinic was founded by Dr. Vikram Rajguru as a response to the shortcomings so evident in traditional medicine, which largely places a premium on high patient turnover while neglecting long-term health care. PTC® is India’s first center dedicated to practicing regenerative procedures like Prolotherapy in an Orthopedic clinical setting.