ProloVita Drip

ProloVita Drip is a Specialized Intravenous mixture of Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids etc. to maximize the effects of the different Regenerative Treatments performed at PTC including Prolotherapy, Prolozone, PRP, BMAC, NANOFAT etc. This Specialized IV solution promotes the Healing and Regeneration of damaged and weakened tissues such as Ligament, tendon and Cartilage.

ProloVita Drip Center in Hadapsar, Pune

ProloVita Drip frequency is dependent upon each individual’s particular problem. The ProloVita Drip may be performed during the same time when the Regenerative Injection procedure is performed. With intravenous nutrition, the nutrients are delivered directly into the bloodstream rather than being absorbed by the intestines allowing for maximum utilization of the different nutrients.  Like most all IVs, the benefits tend to be cumulative. This nutritional therapy is designed to repair the damages that have been incurred to biological processes in the body, which are cellular and system injuries, the foundation of Regenerative Orthopedics.

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