After having Prolo or PRP joint injection, you will experience some soreness for a few days. These injections have to reach the muscles to go to the tendons and ligaments. To relieve the soreness of the muscles, applying moist heat and massage therapy can help.

You can further use nutritional supplements for healing soft tissue like MSM, Bromelain, and other support formulas for soft tissue. You must avoid narcotic medications like Tylenol, Codeine, and Vicodin to avoid depressing the immune system. After Prolotherapy treatment, you can start light exercises when you are ready.

Aftercare Instructions for Prolo or PRP Joint Injection:

  • Post-Prolotherapy or PRP joint injections, you must stop chiropractic adjustments for six weeks.
  • Avoiding smoking will enhance the healing process.
  • You have to incorporate a healthy diet while avoiding highly processed food and sugar.
  • After the initial three to four days, you need to avoid high-impact exercises and heavy lifting.
  • You can begin your normal activities after the next day, but contact your doctor if you experience severe pain or swelling.
  • Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated will promote the process of healing.
  • Do not take any medication which is not there in your prescription.
  • You must also avoid the use of steroids for two weeks after the procedure.
  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages during the first week.
  • You have to cut off the consumption of caffeine for one week.
  • After two weeks, you can use anti-inflammatory medication for the management of pain.


During the next few weeks of having PRP injection and Prolotherapy, you will notice that there will be some improvement. The results of the procedure will vary depending on your age, pain duration, and medical conditions. You can receive the most effective treatment for Prolotherapy and PRP joint injection in Hadaspur, Pune by Dr. Vikram Rajguru.