Do you sometimes experience pain on one side of your back? Many people have some discomfort on one side after vigorous exercise like weightlifting, jogging, or playing a game. Here are some common reasons why you can have back pain on one side.

Causes of Lower back pain on one side:

  • Strain:

It may also happen when lifting a heavy object from the wrong angle. It usually causes pain in the shoulder blade area.

  • Chronic back pain:

It is a very common condition, which gets caused due to poor posture and weak core muscles. It can be difficult to treat, but you need regular exercises and relaxation to keep the muscles in good shape.

  • Tumours:

Tumours in the spine can be extremely painful and even cause paralysis if not treated immediately. The tumour masses can also compress nerves leading to severe pain.

  • Spondylolisthesis

It is an illness in which one vertebra slips forward over the other, leading to back pain on one side or sciatica-like symptoms.

  • Osteoarthritis:

It is a condition where the cartilage around your vertebrae begins to deteriorate. Due to the tension of walking, the lower back is a common site for osteoarthritis. Its typical symptoms are discomfort and rigidity. Back twisting and bending can be very uncomfortable.

  • Lumbar disc herniation:

When one of the discs in your spine gets ruptured, it causes severe pain and inflammation, radiating down your leg, causing sciatica-like symptoms. Sometimes it might even cause intense sharp pain in your back, making it tough for you to move around.


If you have one side of back pain, you should see your doctor first. It can cause more problems in future. On some occasions, the strength and flexibility of muscles can be an issue. Improving your lower back muscles might help you live a better life. To know more, get in touch with  Dr Vikram Rajguru at the Prolotherapy Clinic, Hadapsar in Pune.