Prolotherapy is a treatment that uses injections for treating chronic low-back pain. Doctors of prolotherapy state that lower back pain occurs from damaged or weakened ligaments. Repeat injection along with an irritant solution can lessen disability and pain while strengthening the ligaments.

Prolotherapy Procedure for treating Low-back Pain

These injections offer a natural response of healing to improve function and alleviate low-back pain. During the procedure, the substance that is injected into your soft tissue provides an inflammatory response in that site. At the time of healing, there is proliferation and formation of new blood vessels that strengthen the injured and torn soft tissue. This is turn will reduce the low-back pain.

It is a type of alternative therapy that improves the management of pain. When a physician performs Prolotherapy, there is an eighty to ninety percent success rate. Besides the elimination of the lower back pain, it increases the strength of the joint capsule, tendon, and ligament. In addition, it reduces the chance of an injury on that particular site.

For the successful outcome of Prolotherapy injections, the doctor must take the following things into consideration.

  • Proper diagnosis of the area of the strain or sprain.
  • The patient’s wilfulness to complete the therapy.
  • His clinical skill is to perform the injection.

The Recovery

The patient requires a total number of four to six treatments on average. These injections can treat patients suffering from unsuccessful low back surgery. The latter does not resolve lower pain or takes longer than usual. After the second or third treatment, patients will notice an improvement.

Moreover, the patient must also pay attention to certain factors. These include proper sleep, diet, and other illnesses. These things are essential for optimum recovery.


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