The shoulder blades are the triangular bones on the back of the shoulders that are referred to as the scapulae in medical terminology. It contains three muscles linked to it, one on each side of the shoulder blade, which joins the upper arm bone to the collarbone. These muscles aid in the movement of the shoulder joint.

The range of motion of the shoulder is quite broad. In addition to rotating and moving in a circle, the shoulder blade may also move up and down and side to side with the help of the muscles that link it. Because the shoulder may move in so many different directions, it is pretty simple to hurt it, resulting in shoulder blade discomfort.

Causes of Shoulder pain

Pain in the shoulder blades may be caused by a variety of factors. There are rare circumstances when a person may find out what is causing their discomfort.

  • A few instances of factors that may be immediately apparent to a person are as follows:
  • Sleeping in an uncomfortable or unusual posture after a car accident, hit-and-run, or another traumatic event
  • Lifting a big thing puts pressure on your back.

Suggestions for completing these exercises

Do these basic exercises three to six times per week for three to six weeks to reduce shoulder discomfort.

  • Cross your arms over your chest
  • Neck release
  • Expansion of the chest
  • Eagle arms spinal rolls
  • Twist while seated
  • Shoulder circles
  • Stretch your shoulders at the doorway
  • Downward dog pose
  • Pose of a child
  • Prepare the needle by threading it through the eye of the hand.

Evaluating your Shoulder Pain

A physiotherapy evaluation is the first step on the road to improved health. An expert physiotherapist will begin by thoroughly examining your shoulder, scapula, or scapula from all aspects. To evaluate mobility in the three planes of the shoulder and any discomfort that occurs in a reduction in motion in these planes, the physiotherapist will ask you to undertake active movements.

Using the same signals used to assess the shoulder’s mobility, shoulder strength is measured with a bit of resistance. You can contact Dr.Vikram Rajguru at the Prolotherapy Clinic, Pune for the best treatment and guidance.