Sportspersons, especially runners, often complain of burning and stabbing pain on the inside Of the knee.  Experts also mention this situation as Chondromalacia or Patellofemoral pain syndrome. Runners mainly suffer from this severe pain due to excess activity in the injured knee.

Causes of Burning and Stabbing Pain

Suffering from knee pain has been quite common in recent times. Knee joints suffer from huge physical stress due to walking and running. People can suffer from burning knee pain in the front and back of the knees. But, individuals are hardly aware of the causes of the burning sensation in the knee.

If anyone suffers from burning knee pain in the front of the knee, that can be due to arthritis, tendonitis, PFPS and bursitis. Suffering from burning pain at the side of the knee can be due to pes anserine bursitis. It is advisable to see a knee pain specialist.

Suffering from behind the knee can be due to excess knee activity and a tear in the ligament or cartilage. People can also suffer from burning pain behind the knee due to a baker’s cyst.

Besides those above causes, people can suffer from burning knee pain due to the following causes.

Internal bleeding- Burning sensation in the knee joint can be due to internal bleeding in the knee. This is mainly caused due injury to the knee.

Arthritis- Suffering from arthritis is another prime cause of knee swallowing and suffering knee sensation. People suffering from arthritis can feel a burning sensation inside the knee. Patients of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis both suffer from this knee pain.

Signs and symptoms

The probable symptoms of burning knee pain are mentioned below.

  • Numbness in the knee and legs.
  • Problem with bowel movement.
  • Blurred vision with high temperature.

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