When more than one fiber in the tendon or neck muscle stretches far and ruptures, it is called neck strain. Doctors also refer to it as a pulled muscle which is an injury that varies in intensity according to the location and size of the tear. A neck strain mostly heals by itself within a short period of a few weeks or days and the pain can be achy and mild to debilitating and sharp.

Causes of Neck Strain

  • Worn joints

In comparison to other joints in the body, the neck joints often wear down as we grow older. Osteoarthritis makes the cartilage in between the bones deteriorate. Our body then gets bone spurs that affect the motion of our joints resulting in neck strain.

  • Diseases

Neck strain can be a result of diseases like cancer, meningitis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Muscle strain

Spending many hours hunching over the smartphone or computer can strain our muscles. Also, minor factors like gritting teeth and reading in bed can cause strain in the muscles of our neck.

  • Injuries

Auto-collisions at the rear end result in a whiplash injury that occurs when our head jerks backward and forward. This causes strain in the neck’s soft tissues.

  • Nerve Compression

Bone spurs or herniated discs in our neck vertebrae can press the nerves that branch out from our spinal cord. This can be another cause of neck strain.

Remedies of Neck Strain

  • Try to maintain your posture.
  • Applying ice during the first few days can work as a home remedy. Later, you can apply a heating pad or take a hot shower.
  • Over-the-counter pain medications like acetaminophen and ibuprofen can be helpful.
  • Doing neck exercises regularly can relieve your pain.


You can contact Dr. Vikram Rajguru of the Prolotherapy clinic if you have any strain in your neck. His clinic is in Hadapsar, Pune.