Frozen Shoulder, also known as Adhesive Capsulitis (AC), is a condition that is characterized by severe pain (especially at night), progressive shoulder stiffness, and loss of shoulder motion.

How common is a Frozen Shoulder?

It occurs in two to five percent of the general population, and it is more commonly seen in the diabetic population (10-20%). Also, it is more prevalent in women than men, and that individuals who are 40 to 65 years of age.


Frozen shoulder is to be considered primary if it is of unknown origin (idiopathic), it is considered to be secondary if it results from a suspected cause or surgical incident.

Possible secondary risk factors are

  • Smoking
  • Extended periods of immobilization.
  • Trauma, injury, or previous surgery to the shoulder.
  • Diabetes, lung disease, heart disease, hyperthyroidism, and Parkinson’s disease.

The Three Phases of Frozen shoulder

  1. Painful or Freezing Phase (2-9 months): This phase is characterized by pain with any movement and is accompanied by a decrease in the patient’s range of motion.
  2. Adhesion Phase (4-12 months): The level of pain decreases, and is accompanied by a substantial decrease in the shoulder’s range of motion. Range of motion decreases during this stage due to the joint capsule thickening with excessive collagen. All the activities of daily living become extremely difficult to perform.
  3. Thawing or Resolution Phase (5-26 months): The range of motion will begin to increase and the patient’s pain diminishes.

Old treatment options for a Frozen shoulder:

There are several known treatment options that many of you may know and have tried already with varying levels of success.

  • Anti-inflammatory Medicine (Pain killers): Most people usually start here to reduce inflammation and pain. However, if your shoulder has frozen this type of treatment will have little to no effect.
  • Physical Therapy: A trained physical therapist can slowly manipulate the shoulder to gradually release the tightness and get your range of motion back. This can take several months going 3 times a week to accomplish and be quite painful to endure.
  • Steroid Injections: One or a series of steroid injections can be administered into the shoulder joint to relieve the inflammation. The problems with cortisone injections can be quite significant and could lead to more problems than the original injury.
  • Joint distension (Hydro-dilation): Injecting saline into the joint capsule can help stretch the tissue and make it easier to move the joint.
  • Surgery: Many people turn to surgery once all of the previous methods have failed. This should always be your last option as the potential complications from surgery can be significant.

What our unique treatments can offer that other traditional treatment can’t?

Biology is a new technology. It has progressed so far that new and exciting treatment options are now available at the Prolotherapy Clinic to treat frozen shoulders. These new medical breakthroughs are making it easier to treat frozen shoulders by using the body’s own cells to not only treat the problem but to repair and regenerate damaged tissue. We are dedicated to providing Unique, Comprehensive, highly Effective, Individualized treatment plans to produce outstanding results.

  1. Long-term intake of Pain killers/steroids can have serious side effects on your Health.
  2. Stop Depending on Medicines.
  3. We must rethink the Way of Treatment.
  4. Our Unique Innovative Non-surgical Orthopedic Regenerative procedures address your problem from the Root and give you Long-lasting to Permanent solutions.

Treatments such as:

  • Prolozone: Developed and pioneered by Dr. Frank Shallenberger, Prolozone® is a connective tissue injection technique that combines the principles of neural therapy, Prolotherapy, and ozone therapy. This injection therapy of collagen-producing substances and ozone gas corrects the pathology of the disorder, promotes complete healing, and gives a permanent end to pain.
  • SN-METRIT™: It stands for Sensory-Neuro-Modulatory Equilibrium Regenerative Integrated Therapy.
    It is a Regenerative Injection Therapy that involves tiny Injections of complex remedies (Biological Multi Extract combinations + Neurotonics + Minerals+ Buffers+ other compounds) into specific points or zones on the body. SN-MERIT ™ is a Safe, Effective, Novel, and Evolving treatment for painful conditions without side effects.
  • Biocellular Prolotherapy: uses PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), BMAC or /NANO FAT (own cells harvested from Bone Marrow Or Fat)
  • Advanced Physiotherapy Protocols: (including MATRIX Therapy- German Technology)
    Our Expert Physiotherapy Team has developed Unique, Simple, Highly Effective Shoulder Rehabilitation Protocols which offer the Best Results.

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