Is your sleeping position correct? Most of us are hardly aware that the wrong sleeping position can create loads of problems in you. As per science, if the sleeping position is not right, you may suffer from back pain or snoring.

Have you ever checked what your sleeping position is? First, let’s check the results of different sleeping positions.

Sleep on your tummy:

If you sleep on your tummy, you may feel a strain on your back and neck. Also, you will feel uncomfortable after sleeping for a long time on your tummy. Research shows that nearly 7 percent of people prefer to sleep on their stomachs.

Freefall or belly position is also a position where people sleep on their stomachs. But their hands remain around the pillow. Also, they position their heads aside.

Sleep on your back:

People who are habituated to back sleeping can face low back pain. But, again, it has been noticed that this position can make the pain worse if you are already suffering from lower back pain. In addition, if you have the problems like sleep apnea or snoring, this sleeping position can also create more problems for you.

However, back sleeping positing has some health benefits too. This position keeps your spine, head, and neck in an impartial position. Back sleeping can be categorized into soldier position and starfish position.

Sleep on your side:

Side sleeping positions can also be of different types. Fetal position, Log position, Yearner, etc. Among these, fetal positions are the most comfortable ones. Here people keep their knees bent towards their torso. As per research, almost 41 percent of people prefer this sleeping posting. This sleeping position is considered good for a pregnant woman. This is because this position enhances blood circulation for both mother and the fetus.

But people who suffer from heart problems or blockage in their hearts should avoid left-side sleeping positions.

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