The multimodal physical rehabilitation protocol or MPRP is one of the most famous treatment strategies for reducing pain for those suffering from LRP or chronic lumbar radicular pain. In addition, by applying this treatment, it is possible to reduce the chances of having surgery for patients with chronic LRP.

How does Multimodal Physical Rehabilitation Protocol work?

Many have heard about MPRP but hardly know how this treatment work. This study will let you know about it in detail.

Once a patient suffers from a whiplash injury, doctors can suggest MPRP treatment to reduce the chances of involvement of other factors. Normally after whiplash, different types of factors can enhance several symptoms.
As per research work, it has been noticed that multimodal treatment is extremely effective on patients rather than giving treatment to a person in quarantine.

What does this treatment include?

Under multimodal therapy, patients are instructed to do different types of physical activities like

  • Warm-up and aerobic exercises.
  • Specific exercises to enhance muscle power like climbing stairs and balancing on a tiptoe.
  • Different types of stretching exercises.

Does Multimodal Physical Rehabilitation Protocol involve any disadvantages?

To date, there is no proven limitation to multimodal treatment. However, it is always suggested that the treatment should be conducted by professionals only. Again the professional must do the necessary assessment before starting the treatment.

Only trained physiotherapists, doctors, and osteopaths are allowed to carry on this treatment.

Hence, MPRP has emerged as one of the effective treatments for lowering back pain and improving the conditions of disabled patients. The treatment included more than one approach, and it has been noticed that this therapy is more effective than individual treatments. So, many doctors suggest this treatment to better recover a person suffering from chronic lower back pain.

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