Common pain can last for a few days, but if your pain doesn’t go away for long, your doctor will suggest you some long-term therapy. Apart from exercise and physical therapy sessions, an individual might also need non-surgical treatments to recover. Injections are by far the most effective means of reducing pain and soreness.

Neck and back pain are two prominent issues faced by several people. Consistent pain requires care and precision to heal. Thus, using the correct treatment is essential to avoid surgeries and prevent further injury.

The Prolotherapy Clinic, Hadapsar, specializes in treating chronic pain with non-surgical methods. Dr. Vikram Rajguru has successfully treated patients over the years in his clinic at Hadapsar, Pune. Some diagnostic injections he uses to ease back pain are:

Therapeutic injections are a common treatment to release neck or back pain induced by damage to joints: ligaments, spinal nerve, or an intervertebral disc. Generally used shots for reducing neck and back pain are:

  • Facet Joint Injections

The shot helps in curing pain caused by the stemming facet joint.

  • Epidural Injections

Typically, steroids are deposited into the epidural space in the spine for instant relief from severe pain.

  • Medial Branch Blocks

A substance is deposited near the medial branches of the spinal nerve endings. The medial branch is a part of the human body that indicates discomfort to the brain. An injection inserted around this branch can relieve pain instantly and also be treated to reduce headaches.

  • Selective Nerve Root Injections

A specific area on the spinal nerve is targeted, and the medication is deposited at the exit point of the intervertebral foramen.

  • Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)

This injection releases pain by effectively working on the SI joint or lateral branch nerve.

  • SI (Sacroiliac) Joint Injections

The injection effectively treats pain that originates from the SI joint that connects the pelvis and the spine.

Do you have any back and neck problems,  You can contact Dr. Vikram Rajguru and visit his Prolotherapy Clinic at Hadaspur in Pune.